We spoke with Mike Koedinger, founder of publishing house Maison Moderne, in a special new “Lifestyle” episode of the “Coffee with…” series: an entrepreneur, a favourite meeting place, and a long chat over coffee.






Photos credits : BIL, Mike Koedinger, Maison Moderne

Shooting location : Mike Koedinger’s home, Luxembourg

Acknowledgements : Mike Koedinger

We met Mike Koedinger, founder of publishing house Maison Moderne, in the warm, contemporary setting of his apartment in the heart of the Luxembourg City. Self-taught and a lover of culture, art and fashion, Mike talks about his early days, his passions and what inspires him day-to-day. A privileged moment with a charismatic, low-key and inspiring figure.

Luxembourg is an extraordinarily welcoming place for entrepreneurs. I think anything’s possible here!

Founded in 1994, Maison Moderne is Luxembourg’s foremost independent media company. Publisher of magazines Paperjam and Delano, among other titles, Maison Moderne has become a reference in the media landscape of Luxembourg and the Greater Region. Through its Brand Studio, the publishing house supports companies and institutions in their development. It also runs a Business Club.

Happy Inventory: 20 years of independent publishing in Luxembourg

In 2014, to mark its 20th anniversary, Maison Moderne published a commemorative book of over 500 pages retracing the highlights of the Luxembourg publishing house.

Interviews, portraits, anecdotes, quotes and a wealth of archive material all add to this cheerful inventory of Maison Moderne’s greatest successes, as well as its most memorable failures!

A special journey through two decades of memories.

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