We met Michel Reckinger, CEO of Reckinger Alfred S.A., in a new episode of the series “Coffee with…”: an entrepreneur, a favourite meeting place, and a long chat over coffee.






Photos credits : Reckinger S.A., BIL, Audrey Laurent

Shooting location : Septfontaine

Acknowledgements : Michel Reckinger and his teams (especially Anastassia Krivov), Daniel Haag (BIL), Tom Lessel (BIL)

On the banks of the river Eisch at Septfontaines, we met Michel Reckinger, CEO of Reckinger Alfred S.A., President of the UEL (Luxembourg Employers’ Association), Vice-President of the FDA (Luxembourg federation of artisans), and a member of the FGT (a Luxembourg federation representing the electrical engineering, heating and IT sectors).

He greets us with a warm smile in a lush, rural setting to share his passion for fishing, and to talk about his family history, his arrival at the head of his company, and the values that drive him on a day-to-day basis. A good opportunity to discuss CSR – a subject close to his heart and which he has been advocating for many years – and to touch upon his role as President of the UEL.

A break from everyday life to meet, in the heart of the Luxembourg countryside, a committed man who is passionate about his values.

We need a bank to finance our growth and development. BIL has been with us from the start and is still by our side today, we have many projects together.

Reckinger Alfred S.A. in Esch-sur-Alzette specialises in the installation, maintenance and repair of heating, sanitation, ventilation, air conditioning, electricity and renewable energy systems. Founded in 1911, it currently has more than 350 employees in Luxembourg.

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