We spoke with Matthieu Bracchetti, head of Virtual Rangers, in this very first episode of the “Coffee with…” series: an entrepreneur, a favourite meeting place, and a long chat over coffee.






Photos credits : BIL, Matthieu Bracchetti, Virtual Rangers

Shooting location : Walferdange Stadium

Acknowledgements : Matthieu Bracchetti, Walferdange Rugby Club

We kick off the “Coffee with…” series with this energy-filled pilot episode featuring Matthieu Bracchetti. We met Matthieu on the sidelines of Walferdange’s rugby pitch to talk about his company Virtual Rangers, which specialises in virtual and augmented reality. We took the opportunity to ask him about his projects, his passions and the values that drive him day-to-day. A portrait of an innovative and resourceful entrepreneur who takes the entrepreneurial experience to the next level.

BIL’s role was very important in getting us off the ground. We received excellent advice from the innovation department, who pointed us to a credit facility, which was the best solution for starting out. This allowed us to hire a team and to begin developing and offering our services on the market.

Founded in 2017, Virtual Rangers develops bespoke virtual reality, augmented reality, metaverse and gaming experiences for clients in the fields of education, culture, medicine, real estate, events, entertainment, etc.

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