We spoke with Ilana Devillers, founder of the start-up Food4All, in a new episode of the “Coffee with…” series: an entrepreneur, a favourite meeting place, and a long chat over coffee.






Photos credits : BIL, F4A

Shooting location : Illana’s home and the offices of F4A in Luxembourg; Bridel Forest.

Acknowledgements : Illana Devillers and her team, Pierre-Olivier Rotheval (BIL).

We had the opportunity to talk with Illana Devillers, founder and CEO of Food4All (F4A), first in the comfort of her apartment, then during a walk through the Luxembourg countryside. In this long-format interview, we spoke frankly with a passionate and wholehearted business leader about her early days in the fight against food waste, and about the values she holds dear and the challenges she faces as an entrepreneur. An authentic and vivid portrait that reveals the secrets of a “made in Luxembourg” success story.

BIL played a huge role, both financially and in terms of marketing and networking. It’s a bank that’s very close to entrepreneurs.

Start-up Food4All was established at the end of 2018 to fight against food waste in supermarkets, grocery stores and restaurants. F4A’s mobile app offers customers products that are close to their expiry date at reduced prices.

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