Join Charles Grethen and see what a day in his life looks like while training for Paris.






Photos credits : BIL, Audrey Laurent

Shooting location : Luxembourg, Coque, Josy Barthel Stadium

Acknowledgements : Charles Grethen, BIL Runners

“Becoming an Olympic athlete, in whatever sport, always entails a lot of dedication, hard work, and getting the work done no matter how you feel.” Charles Grethen is a Luxembourgish middle-distance runner who hopes to participate in his third Olympic games this summer. He invited us to spend the day with him, as he trains for Paris.

During this impressive day of training we got to experience first-hand how much discipline and dedication it takes to practice a sport at this level. He walked us through his daily routine and looked back at some of his past achievements. The 2020 Tokyo Olympics stands out as an important moment in his career, as he came back after having being injured for quite some time, and made it all the way to the finals. 

A great moment to hear about Charles Grethen’s hopes for the future. 

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