Be carried away by the Tsume experience and hear from its founder, Cyril Marchiol, how it all came about.






Photos credits : BIL, Cyril Marchiol, Tsume

Shooting location : Home of Cyril Marchiol’s parents and Golden Games in Thionville, France; Tsume premises, Sandweiler.

Acknowledgements : Cyril Marchiol and his parents, Agathe, Jade and Sabrina, Dominique Filloux (Golden Games store), Rossana Capponi (BIL) and Bernard Eresch (BIL).

The short film “La Griffe du Tigre” draws us into the world of Cyril Marchiol, founder and CEO of Tsume. Passionate since childhood about the world of manga, anime and video games, he shares his story with us: his early days, his successes, and the obstacles he faced before creating Tsume, as well as the worldwide success of his collectible figurines, which have become a true point of reference in the field.

With BIL, what we have is a true partnership with a local bank. We’re really proud to be sharing this journey with them.

An up-close and emotionally rich portrait of an authentic and resourceful entrepreneur. Guided by strong values, Cyril has turned his passion into a profession and his dream into reality.

The great thing was that people were being touched by our work. It’s a great source of strength. It’s a sort of superpower to be able to do that. It affects our fans, but also my family, my friends and all the people around me.

Founded in Luxembourg in 2010, Tsume specialises in the creation of luxury statues and figurines from the world of manga, comics, anime and video games.

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