We spoke with Vivien Muller, CEO and founder of Mu Design. His Future’Interview also starred the legendary DeLorean from “Back to the Future”.






Photos credits : BIL, Audrey Laurent, Mu Design

Shooting location : Minett Park, Differdange.

Acknowledgements : Vivien Muller, Frédéric Humbel (Minett Park) and François Giotto (BIL).

In this episode, Vivien Muller, CEO and founder of Mu Design, a specialist in the creation of particularly appealing connected devices, shares his experience, alongside the famous Delorean from “Back to the Future”!

The “Cars & Start-ups” series showcases the creators of a number of innovative start-ups in Luxembourg who share their entrepreneurial stories with us. The offbeat interviews also feature vehicles from famous films and television shows.

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